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Is The Nano Silver Ion Disinfectant Safe?

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First of all, you don’t need to worry too much. Just pay more attention. Try not to use anything with nano silver antibacterial. After all, developed countries are forbidden to use textiles. Other fields only know that medical treatment is useful. Some businesses will say The antibacterial technology is generally silver antibacterial, but also pay attention to distinguish whether it is nano silver.
Generally, the diameter of nano-silver of disinfectants should be relatively large, because the smaller the more expensive it is, it will not enter the brain, part of the liver and kidney will enter, and according to existing data, it can be metabolized, and the slowest metabolization is the brain. Other locations are fast, so don't worry at all.
Moreover, there are very few human tests on nano-silver, so it is not very sure whether small doses are harmful to humans. Large doses are toxic, but the dose cannot be discussed. After all, humans and mice and rabbits still have a lot of There is a big difference, and the experimental dose is very large. No damage can be observed at small doses. It may be completely fine for people to take a small amount, but there is no clear answer at present.
If necessary, you can go to the official website of the antibacterial solution provider to check whether it is nano silver antibacterial, such as Microban.
Nano silver will appear in the soil under natural conditions and after washing ordinary silver antibacterial treated items.
The former amount is negligible, while the latter researchers said there is an error and underestimated the diameter, so it should not be converted into nano-silver.

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