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TIMKEN bearing assembly preparation work and assembly method

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The assembly of TIMKEN bearings should be determined according to the structure, size and matching properties of the bearing components. Generally, the assembly methods of TIMKEN bearings include hammering, pressing, hot mounting and cold shrinking.
1. Preparation work before TIMKEN bearing assembly
(1) Prepare necessary tools and measuring tools according to the bearing to be assembled. Check for defects, rust and burrs on parts that match the bearing.
(2) Clean the parts matching the bearing with gasoline or kerosene, wipe with a clean cloth or blow dry with compressed air, and then apply a thin layer of oil.
(3) Bearings sealed with anti-rust oil can be cleaned with gasoline or kerosene; those sealed with heavy oil and anti-rust grease can be heated and dissolved so that they can be cleaned with light mineral oil. After cooling, it can be cleaned with gasoline or kerosene and wiped clean for later use. Bearings with dust caps, seals or coated with anti-rust and grease do not need to be cleaned.
2. TIMKEN bearing assembly method
(1) Assembly of cylindrical bore bearings
One. Non-separable bearings (such as deep groove ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, spherical roller bearings, angular contact bearings, etc.) should be assembled according to the seal of the seat ring. When the inner ring is tightly fitted with the journal and the outer ring is loosely fitted with the housing, first install the bearing on the shaft, and then install the bearing and the shaft into the housing. When the outer ring of the bearing fits closely with the bearing seat hole, and the inner ring and the journal are loosely fitted, the bearing should be pressed into the bearing seat first; when the inner ring is closely matched with the shaft, outer ring and the bearing seat hole, the bearing should be Simultaneously press on the shaft and the bearing seat hole.

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