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Can a new energy vehicle stay in the car while it is charging?

wallpapers News 2021-05-12
Today’s electric new energy vehicles can be said to be quite popular, because they have only come out in recent years. When they first came out, many people tried to adopt them, but there are still some car owners who feel that its technology is not mature enough. With a wait-and-see attitude.
Why can't you sit in the car?
One of the big reasons is radiation. Does electric car have radiation? The answer is of course, but it is not as scary as we thought. There are two types of radiation, ionization and electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic damage to humans is almost negligible, but ionization may cause cancer. This radiation of electric vehicles belongs to electromagnetic radiation, which is no different from the computers and mobile phones we usually use. These are all within the safe range. Many people think that radiation such as CT and computers in hospitals is a kind of radiation from automobiles. In fact, it is not the case. The kind of radiation in hospitals is ionizing radiation.
Although it is safer in theory, deviations may occur in the actual situation. After all, the car is connected to a high-voltage interface when charging, and the state of the car is not the same as usual. In the event of an accident in the car, people sitting in the car may be killed if they are electrified. After all, the charging is used. The voltage is still relatively high, and people may not be able to bear it. Moreover, cars have a certain spontaneous combustion rate. Although the probability is extremely small, it is still not worth our risk. In the case of no way to ensure 100% safety, it is best not to sit in it, so as to ensure Absolutely safe.

Can electric appliances be used in the car while charging?
For example, an extra charger is attached. This is actually possible. It will not have a major impact on the battery life of the car itself. The only impact may be that the charging speed of the car will slow down a lot. If you can tolerate a relatively slow charging speed, then You can charge in the car.

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