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Mobile charging can solve the pain points of electric vehicle charging

wallpapers News 2021-05-17
If the power of new energy vehicles is low, it will also make car owners feel very troublesome. Although the current new energy vehicle market is developing very rapidly, the infrastructure is still not perfect, especially the number and distribution of charging piles, which are difficult to meet the demand for electric vehicle charging.

"With piles without electricity" "With electricity without piles" is a trouble frequently encountered by new energy vehicle owners, and it is also a bottleneck hindering the development of new energy vehicles. In this case, it can provide charging for new energy vehicles like a mobile power supply. A mobile charging platform for services came into being.

For owners of new energy vehicles, the charging of new energy vehicles has been facing many problems. For example, it takes a long time to go to a public charging station, charging needs to be queued, and parking fees are also considered, which is very troublesome.
Scheduled daily charging can save car owners a lot of time, and the rescue charging business effectively solves the problem of car owners breaking down on the road because of no electricity.

Mobile charging gets rid of the limitation of the site, and has obvious advantages in increasing the utilization rate of vehicles and reducing the cost of vehicle electricity. It can effectively solve the anxiety of electric vehicles' cruising range and make up for the incomplete construction of infrastructure such as charging piles. However, the future development of mobile charging is still difficult to be optimistic.

On the one hand, the cost of mobile charging investment is too high, the profit is relatively low, and the return of funds is slow. At present, there are two main forms of mobile charging, one is an on-board power bank, and the other is a mobile electric car equipped with energy storage batteries or diesel generators.
Both of these two forms of mobile charging require high costs, and the cost of the battery occupies a large part. In addition, additional maintenance costs, labor costs, and transportation fees for mobile charging are required. The operation of the business can basically be said to be unable to make ends meet. status.
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