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What Are The Technical Requirements Of Wind Power Bearings

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This standard stipulates that the material of the yaw and pitch bearing rings is 42CrMo, and the heat treatment adopts overall quenching and tempering. After quenching and tempering, the hardness is 229HB-269HB. The raceway part adopts surface quenching, and the quenching hardness is 55HRC-62HRC. Because the yaw of the wind turbine and the stress of the pitch bearing are complicated, and the impact and vibration of the bearing are relatively significant, it is required that the bearing can withstand both shock and large load. The service life of the wind turbine generator requires 20 years, and the cost of bearing installation is relatively high. Therefore, the life of the yaw and pitch bearing must also reach 20 years.

This standard requires low-temperature impact energy for yaw and pitch turntable bearing rings: -20 ° C Akv is not less than 27J. The Aktiv value under cold conditions can be determined through consultation with the user. The wind turbine may work in an icy area, and the ambient temperature is as low as about -40 ℃, the working temperature of the bearing is about -20 ~ C, the bearing must be able to withstand considerable impact loads under low-temperature conditions. Therefore, the bearing ring is required. After quenching and tempering, the material must be subjected to low-temperature impact energy test. A part of the bearing ring is made into a sample or a sample with the same performance and the same heat treatment conditions as the ring, and the impact is performed at -20 ~ C Work test.

Yaw and pitch bearings have special requirements in terms of clearance. Compared with the yaw bearing, the impact load of the pitch bearing is relatively large. The vibration of the wind blowing on the blade is also significant, so the clearance of the pitch bearing should be zero clearance or a slightly negative clearance value so that in the case of vibration, Down can reduce fretting wear of the bearing. The yaw bearing requires a small clearance value, ie, 0-501 ~ m. Besides, because the drive motor drives the yaw of the wind turbine and the rotation of the pitch bearing, the bearing should be driven by the drive motor in the state of negative clearance or small clearance. Therefore, the bearing needs to be measured to start friction after no-load assembly. The torque and the specific torque value are different according to the drive system of the host.

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