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IKO bearings primary products

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IKO stands for "Innovation, Know-how & Originality." IKO is Japan's oldest manufacturer of needle roller bearings with the most extended history, the complete variety, and the highest level of specialization. It is a technology and technology development-oriented industrial parts manufacturer; the products are mainly needle bearings and rail bearings?
IKO needle roller bearings realize the compact and lightweight mechanical design with its unique internal structure. Guide rail bearings are based on the high quality conferred by needle roller bearings, precision machined with unique mechanical equipment, and evaluated on the quality of the latest machines. The products always maintain high performance and high-quality standards.
IKO needle roller bearings are bearings for the rotation of slender needle rollers. Compared with ball bearings, needle roller bearings have the characteristics of low cross-section and high load capacity. The use of needle roller bearings can contribute to the simplicity of the entire machine and space-saving. They are widely used in industries such as automobiles, motorcycles, printing machinery, industrial robots, and construction equipment.
The application of IKO bearing primary products in the following industry equipment:
Electronic related devices and equipment
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Flat-panel display manufacturing equipment
Electronic component mounting equipment
Electronic component inspection equipment
machine tool
Machining Center
Compound machining center
EDM machine
Industrial equipment
Industrial robot
printing machines
Construction machinery
Textile machinery
Transportation Equipment
Railway vehicle
Precision equipment
measuring equipment
Medical equipment
Optical Instruments
Since its establishment in 2011, Eric bearing Limited has established a partnership with IKO bearing distributors. Compared with other competitors, our prices are very competitive, 30% lower than the customer's local market, we have set up multiple branch warehouses in Hong Kong Freeport. Rich inventory and 24-hour warehouse staff ensure that customers receive the goods by courier or air transportation within five days.

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