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Precautions for daily maintenance of IKO bearings

wallpapers Tech 2020-06-16
IKO bearings require regular maintenance, which can significantly improve the accuracy and service life of IKO bearings. What are the precautions for IKO bearings during daily maintenance?
1. Tear off the seal ring of the bearing seal ring and remove the bayonet on the shaft;
2. Wipe the residual oil in the bearing with a clean paper towel or soft cloth, and then wipe the shaft.
3. Put a little butter on the taking; the principle is that it is better not to be less, so as not to affect the speed seriously;
4. Cut the aluminum skin of the can as large as the bearing bayonet's outer diameter and dig a small hole in the middle. This hole can pass through the shaft and be placed between the bearing and the blade to reduce the axial and parallel movement. If the gap is large, you need to pad some thickness to make the bearing's forward and backward movement distance less than 0.5mm.
5. Seal the oil seal, add a little butter, and finally put the fan back on the graphics card. Try to use it after connecting the power supply; you will find that the sound is quieter and can be used for at least two years. But it should be remembered that although the noise is low, the manual's speed will be slightly reduced due to the limited accuracy of the manual.

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