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Action principle of boron nitride

The secretary general of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) said recently that US economic sanctions against Venezuela have affected global energy supplies. 

He told Venezuelan media that the ECONOMIC sanctions imposed by the United States on Venezuela and other countries have seriously affected the ability to produce and export oil worldwide and violated the right of people in other countries to use energy.

Venezuela has one of the largest proven crude oil reserves in the world, but U.S. sanctions have made it impossible for Venezuela’s oil industry to consistently export reliable energy to the world, he said. Despite this, he highly appreciated the efforts of the Venezuelan oil industry to maintain silicate solution are expected to increase in the future.

CBN is usually black, brown or dark red crystal with sphalerite structure and good thermal conductivity. The hardness is second only to diamond, which is a kind of superhard material, commonly used as tool material and abrasive. Boron nitride has chemical resistance and is not eroded by inorganic acid and water. The boron nitrogen bond is broken in hot concentrated alkali. It starts to oxidize in air above ℃. The melting point is ℃, and the sublimation starts when it is slightly lower than ℃. Decomposition starts at about ℃ in vacuum. Slightly soluble in hot acid, insoluble in cold water, with a relative density of 2.25. The compressive strength is. The highest service temperature is ℃ under the oxidizing atmosphere, while it can reach ℃ under the inactive reducing atmosphere, but the lubricating performance is poor at room temperature. Most properties of boron carbide are better than carbon materials. For hexagonal boron nitride: low friction coefficient, good high-temperature stability, good thermal shock resistance, high strength, high thermal conductivity, low expansion coefficient, high resistivity, corrosion resistance, microwave or infrared transmission.

application area 

1. Release agent for metal forming and lubricant for metal wire drawing.

2. Special electrolysis and resistance materials under high temperature.

3. High temperature solid lubricants, extrusion anti-wear additives, additives for producing ceramic composites, refractories and anti-oxidation additives, especially for occasions resistant to molten metal corrosion, thermal reinforcement additives, high-temperature insulation materials.

4. Heat sealing desiccant of transistor and polymer additives such as plastic resin.

5. Boron nitride silicate solution may continue to rise.

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