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How can Nano Silica change the properties of coatings

Nano silica has lots of buildings that traditional materials do not have. The fragment size distribution of nano silica is extremely narrow, a lot of which are within 100 nm, with lots of micropores and large specific area. There are not just a great deal of unsaturated residual bonds and also hydroxyl teams in various bonding states on its surface, so it has high response activity. In terms of optical properties, nano-silica reveals high representation buildings to both ultraviolet and also noticeable light.

Just how can Nano Silica alter the homes of coverings?
Modification of Waterborne Coatings
Prior to adding: bad water resistance, bad security, high corrosion to tools, etc.
After enhancement: enhance the rubbing resistance, security, rust resistance and also other homes of the finishing, and can offer it antibacterial, self-cleaning and other results.

Alteration of wall layer
Before adding: no sun resistance, no water resistance, instability, bad attachment, etc.
After enhancement: it can boost the storage security, water resistance as well as sun resistance of the layer, boost the thixotropy of the finish, and effectively control the spatter, flow hanging as well as other phenomena in the building.

Adjustment of acrylic resin paint
Prior to adding: bad mechanical residential properties, use resistance, hardness, adaptability, and so on.
After enhancement: the mechanical properties, tensile strength, firmness, rubbing resistance as well as adaptability of the movie are enhanced, the film is extra fragile and smoother, has a better surface, and improves the attractive efficiency.

Modification of varnish
Prior to addition: the solidity of the movie is not high, the warm resistance is poor, and also it is very easy to transform yellow under the action of ultraviolet light.
After addition: hard wear resistance, strong bond, as well as has moisture resistance, moisture resistance, chemical deterioration resistance, and so on Nano Silica Price The rate is influenced by
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